Paving the Way to Greener Outdoor Adventures

Written by: Taegen Yardley

Borvo Broth Ambassador

From the deepest valleys to the tallest mountains, the outdoor explorer in all of us is ever searching for the most pristine wild places in which to indulge. We spend our time probing maps, and poring over geographic boundaries, in an effort to explore areas left untouched by mankind. However, we neglect to consider the potential impacts of our human footprint on the places that we love most. From the gear that we use, to the food that we eat, both in and out of our outdoor playground, every action that we take poses the potential for both positive and negative impacts on the world around.

To many of us, wild spaces are representative of an escape from the stresses of everyday life; They provide an opportunity to make a change in an otherwise monotonous daily work schedule. However, what if I told you that these stunning microcosms of biodiversity and abundant beauty are disappearing from right underneath our feet. Climate change and pollution continue to impact every aspect of our planet’s very existence, and have the potential to eliminate the wild areas that we know and love.

The Outdoor Industry

The unfortunate reality of present-day outdoor adventure-based sports is their demand for an abundance of equipment and materials to ensure safety and enhance the overall experience. Specifically, when it comes to food options in the outdoors, it can be daunting trying to find reliable products that are safe for our bodies, and the environment. On the search for the perfect protein rich source of nutrition, one is likely to encounter tightly packaged, vacuum sealed meat products, or other shelf stable commodities, whose carefully plastic-wrapped contents are far more detrimental than they are helpful.

The outdoor industry has a long way to go in terms of producing sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly products. However, as individuals, we possess the innate ability to influence, subsequently demonstrating to the industry the types of products we endorse, in turn, inflicting meaningful change through our personal actions. If we make a conscious effort to purchase from brands who are taking measures to create a more sustainable future through their production processes, we will be more effective in inciting change.

How Do We Change Our Actions?

Paying close attention to the production processes of the companies that we purchase from is an instrumental tactic for changing our behavior as consumers for the better. Researching the products that you are about to purchase can assist you in making educated decisions on what companies and organizations to purchase from. Here are some examples of what to look at, and questions to ask:

1. Assess the materials included in packaging: Is packaging reusable? Can you compost or recycle the materials after use?

2. Examine the sourcing of ingredients: Are they sustainably sourced? Are you supporting local individuals, small businesses, or community members?

3. Acquaint yourself with the sustainability measures that individuals and businesses are taking: Are the products good for humans and the environment?

Where Does Borvo Broth Come In?

So, where does Borvo Broth change the game for outdoor adventurers everywhere? Borvo combines a lightweight, sleek package (perfect for any adventure), with materials that you can feel confident taking into our planet’s wild places. Borvo makes use of completely compostable packaging and soy-based inks, ensuring that you can feel good about purchasing and enjoying bone broth on the go, wherever you go.

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